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It just needed a little TLC. Or is it? Although the earlier versions of the 170 had been well-received, with the 170B, Cessna saw room for improvement in overall handling characteristics. ( The typical aviator has a net worth of over $1 million, of which we have over 50,000 users a month, and growing rapidly. The Cessna 170 is supported by several Aircraft Type Clubs, including The International Cessna 170 Association and the Cessna Pilots Association. She was to include a high aspect tail plan similar to the venerable 180 however the 170C never came to be. Kyle Fosso's rebuilding a wrecked Cessna 170B, literally from the spars up. The Cessna 170 is a light, single-engined, general aviation aircraft designed and produced by the Cessna Aircraft Company from 1948 to 1956. We purchased N2865C in September 2003. O-300-A : No. I am the new owner of a Cessna 170B (1952). It was designed with a new wing tapered outboard of the flaps with dihedral identical to the military variant. View and Download Cessna 170 52 owner's manual online. The 170B was fitted with very efficient modified Fowler flaps which could extend up to 40°. In 1956, Cessna had plans to further improve the line with the 170C. Cessna 170/172 Wattum Aircraft Service in Wasilla, Alaska are the holders of the STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) approval of Aerocet ® 2200 series straight floats on the Cessna 170A , 170B and 172. Cessna 170B at Centennial Airport. Aircraft performance stats and information for the Cessna 177 B Cardinal (1975-'78 specifications) aircraft. ( Who are you? 0 - Aircraft data that you believe is inaccurate or have specific experiences. The 170B seats up to 3 passengers plus 1 pilot. After searching for more than a year we still were looking for the perfect airplane. Wipaire offers a variety of products and services for the Cessna 170 including Wipline 2100 floats, aircraft modifications, custom interiors, paint refinishing, avionics services, and maintenance. ) Market demands for a tricycle geared aircraft was too great and two competing models did not make ec… 1952 CESSNA 170B - Specifications, Performance, Operating cost, Valuation, Brokers - planephd.com Toggle navigation The Modern 170B has Arrived The Cessna 170B The Cessna 170B has been a favorite since it’s introduction in 1952. Formed to preserve and promote a truly classic airplane. Inspiration came largely from the Model 305 (military designation L-19 or O-1 Bird Dog) which the Air Force, Army … The Cessna 140 was originally equipped with a Continental C-85-12 or C-85-12F horizontally opposed, air-cooled, four-cylinder piston engine of 85 hp (63 kW). Here are the specs and upgrades: Tail Number: N2930D Serial Number: 26873 AFTT: 4337 O-300-D Engine TT: 5505 TSMOH: 1191 Empty Weight: 1444 Useful Load: 756 Upgrades, 337's and STC's: 7652 McCauley Climb Prop Auto-Gas … We have worked for six years to create 700,000 aircraft homepages that contain detailed aircraft information (think Zillow) giving us the opportunity to bring together consumers with the aviation products and services they need most in a way never before possible. After a month, the aircraft was awarded the Utility category certification with a gross weight of 861 kg. With a square tail, paralift flaps, spring steel landing gear, steerable tailwheel, and all … Cylinders : 6 : Displacement : 301 cu. Specifications (170B) Data from Jane's All The World's Aircraft 1955–56 Over the years, Cessna built 6,193 of them. : 1800 Fuel type: 80/87 Autogas STC Propeller … Read More "Cessna 170B" $8,000 light personal aircraft of Cessna as of 1956. Then a note on our windshield telling us about 170B at Hobby Field, Oregon. Aircraft performance stats and information for the Cessna 170,-A,-B aircraft. - Send us pictures of your plane. The Vy is mostly agreed to be around 88 MPH, but I have seen Vx speeds from 62MPH to 76 MPH. Don’t miss out on the chance to own the perfect plane. (9.6 gallons/hr @ $5.40/gal), Misc: landing, parking, supplies,catering, etc, Typical Price: $6,593.00 - Features that would be useful to you. The Cessna 170 is a light, single-engined, general aviation aircraft produced by the Cessna Aircraft Company between 1948 and 1956. We have the aviators. max. In 1956, Cessna introduced a replacement for the 170 that was essentially a nosewheel-equipped 170B with a square tailfin, designated the 172. The empty weight is 1205 lb and the gross weight is 2200 lb. 170 52 aircrafts pdf manual download. In 1949, the manufacturing company started promoting the Cessna 170A. CESSNA 170B. 1951 CESSNA 170A Single Engine Piston for sale located in Stuart FL from Scott MacDonald Aircraft Sales, Inc. 2386573. JetPhotos.com is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 4 million screened photos online! Search more Cessna airplanes on Hangar67. Cruise Speed. 2559 TT, 0-300B 1119 smoh all compressions 75 or better. in. The 170As were produced in a span of three years with a total of 1,552 built. The 170A was fitted with a tapered all-metal wing with squared-off tips and a single wing strut replacing the V strut of the previous 170. It had two 21-gallon tanks. Now we need to connect them with products and services. We all know that the Cessna 170 is the progenitor of the ever popular, omnipresent C-172 . Cessna 170B in flight. 1955 Cessna 170B This is a sweet plane and it’s in excellent condition. Who are we? This is the last and best year of the 170. Planephd.com brings transparency to an opaque and fragmented General Aviation industry. 45 45 Best rate of climb, SL (fpm) 690 660 Service ceiling (ft.) 15,500 13,300 Max … Share your invaluable experience.

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