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We are responsible for the results of our actions. We are told by the saints, and we also feel, that a loving God is at work in this creation, but we cannot reconcile this with what we see around us. Hindu marriages are arranged by matching the horoscopes of the bride and groom. What we see is not real. The basic beliefs of a religion are those that form the thoughts, feelings, actions and the entire attitude of its followers towards the world around them and their fellow men. This is not just theory, but it can actually be experienced. The general name for God in Hinduism is Brahman. Teachers give us the knowledge to survive in this world. However, God is also present in all creation. Today, we’ll know about some core beliefs of Hinduism. Without it we cann’t explain anything. Hindus firmly believe that the paths to God and liberation are numerous and all paths lead to him only. Lord Vishnu has incarnated himself 9 times so far. The fundamental teaching of Hinduism, or Vedanta, is that a human being's basic nature is not confined to the body or the mind. The Bhagavad Gita is a very popular part of this text. It is not even a religion. As you know, Hinduism is the oldest religion on the planet. Some say that the heaven and hell are in this worlds; again it doesnot match with the descriptions mentioned in the scriptures. Since it is the one infinite God alone that is being looked at in different ways, all these manifestations can be prayed to for help and protection. Though we know what is right, we have trouble doing it. Depending on our past life Karma, our soul enters the body of the human being or another species like animals, birds, etc. The three basic teachings of Hinduism are Dharma, Karma and Moksha. It is like a person at the same time being called "father" by his son, "friend" by his friend, "son" by his own father, "husband" by his wife, etc. We can create a better tomorrow by resolving do better actions today. I agree that ideas are most real … that all we see are representations of ideas. We can know what would happen in a person’s life by making his horoscope. San Francisco, CA 94129 Hinduism is considered to be one of the most tolerant religions in the world. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a1c0b8eecb62fd9a3cda2e9e15b812cf" );document.getElementById("fdea8aa761").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); If You Like This Article, Then Please Share It, This is one of the major and most important beliefs of Hinduism. u forgot to mention Lord Ramakrishna Paramahansa…..he is alsp vishnu avatar after Gautam Buddha. You can confirm it with any knowledgeable person on Hinduism. The basic scriptures of Hinduism, which are collectively referred to as Shastras, are essentially a collection of spiritual laws discovered by different saints and sages at different points in its long history. Today, worldwide, there are almost one billion people professing some aspect of Hinduism. It is very difficult to encompass all the beliefs of Hinduism in an article. It is sometimes referred to as henotheistic (i.e., involving devotion to a single god while accepting the existence of others), but any such term is an overgeneralization. There is a theory in spiritualism. Those who do bad Karma, suffer in their present life as well as their coming life until they get punished for their bad Karma. The snake of this world frightens us. Hinduism follows iconographical beliefs and practices related to Karma. The Zero, point system and the decimal system were invented in India, based on which modern science exists. We should not waste our life in collecting earthly things. The major Hinduism beliefs consist of - 1. To reasonably explain an excess of suffering or of enjoyment in this life, it was assumed that we all have had previous existences, and that we are now reaping the results of those previous actions. What about the concept of heaven and hell in hinduism ?? Our thoughts soar high, but our actions cannot rise to the level of our thoughts. Brahman is, … Jnana Yoga, preferred by those of analytical bent of mind, is the discipline of trying to see the divine reality within all things directly, by mentally brushing aside all the obstructing physical and mental coverings that hide it. God's manifestation in creation goes by many names. Brahman is Truth and Reality. This spirit is within us and also within everything we see. Hindus believe that Lord Brahma created this universe, Lord Vishnu protects it, and Lord Shiva destroys it after a certain time so that Lord Brahma can recreate it. It was not until much later that they were actually written down. 1. These texts were initially handed down by word of mouth from teacher to student. It is the one infinite, eternal, Divine Being that is manifesting in countless ways. Bring the light of spiritual wisdom through yoga, and you will see God alone everywhere. This is the underlying principle behind all the different sects of Hinduism. This spirit is within us and also within everything we see. The fundamental teaching of Hinduism, or Vedanta, is that a human being's basic nature is not confined to the body or the mind. The soul is immortal and the death is that of the body only. Basic Hinduism Introduction to Hinduism What is Hinduism Facts About Hinduism History of Hinduism The Founder of Hinduism Detailed Basic concepts and percepts arranged alphabetically that are important to our understanding of the beliefs, philosophy and practices of Hinduism. Raja Yoga is the process of mental control, purity, and meditation to make the mind very calm and quiet. Hinduism is not an organized religion and has no single, systematic approach to teaching its value system. The sky appears blue to our eyes but actually, it is not. In Hinduism, the dead body is not buried instead it is cremated. How do you see this?? It will be called “Kalki Avatar.”. And if you believe in Atma, Karma and Moksha,, does it not mismatching with the concept with Heaven and hell ?? Bring a light and you will see its real nature. ©2020 United Religions Initiative. Hinduism is bound to the hierarchical structure of the caste system, a categorization of members of society into defined social classes. This is not just theory, but it can actually be experienced. Instead, we superimpose all this complex world on that divine reality. Hindus believe that the universe undergoes endless cycles of creation, preservation and dissolution. You can do it in multiple ways. What is the solution? It was the religion of an ancient people known as the Aryans ("noble people") whose philosophy, religion, and customs are recorded in their sacred texts known as the Vedas. Therefore, the ultimate aim of human life should be to be one with the Supreme Soul, Parmatma. All Rights Reserved. Upanishads Translations of major and minor Upanishads, essays on the introduction, meaning, philosophy and significance of the Upanishads, Vedanta, Brahman, Atman, books, etc. Hinduism and Buddhism have common origins in the Ganges culture of northern India during the "second urbanisation" around 500 BCE. God can be worshipped also as present in suffering humanity by service. In that profound quiet, the inner divine light reveals itself. The best example is the color of the sky. Two types of sacred writings comprise the … The events of this present life are not enough to account for such suffering. Rest all are chadbhangun i.e will get destroyed with time. This is called Nirvana or Moksha. What i understand. It’s the ratio of the Sun’s distance from earth to the Sun’s diameter, as well as the ratio of the …

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