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Tian on August 08, 2018: Theres this this Thai drama about a woman who has a sister who got tricked into selling her land so she wants revenge so she dresses up prettily and tries to seduce the guy. The Male lead is an incredibly good man and loves the female lead from the get- go. This is where she meets Pak. Network : Channel 7 Pretty stupid other characters and the male lead is kinda bipolar and kinda violent but not as much as other terrible dramas. It is really pitiful what happens in  Rin’s life. There, she finds an enchanted bed that transports her back in time where she meets Laoperng, whom she later falls for. Plot: Yen was sold to be a slave to Khun Ying, Praya Sihayotin’s first wife. He decides tobecome her caretaker. Push and Esther did an amazing job with their simple but beautiful love scenes. Starring : Bow Maylada and Michael Sanguankwandee Hi Seadra9on, Would you happen to know if there is a fansub wiki for Thai dramas, like there is on d-addicts for other countries? Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama. Continual encounters between the two developed from animosity to something much more affectionate. Can they learn from their struggles and become stronger or will they succumb to their painand be scarred for life? He assumes she doesn’t want to remember him because he’s poor, therefore denying ever knowing him. Starring: Many Popular Teens GMA's airing of Successful Story of a Bright Girl, in response to ABS-CBN's successful airing of the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden, was the first Koreanovela that aired in the Philippines according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of South Korea. Very fun to watch except at the end where it gets cliché. Plot: The story revolves around Korakot falling for La Ong Dao, his adoptive sister, while hating her at first for inheriting part of his father’s asset, which he can only get back under the condition that he marries her. The 1991 version stays simple and true to the novel while the 2017’s version gives you more cute scenes between the main couple. Change ), To live life with integrity, passion and empathy, being a positive force in the lives of others, utilising my knowledge for the good of all people. Titles are sorted in the decade and the year of release, with the official international title included in parentheses. Network: Channel 5 ( ONE HD) Angsumalin, a proud Thai who despises every kind of threat to her country, sees him as a part of theJapanese Empire that deserves only hatreds. I personally really like period or historical dramas so yeah. But he realizes the person he loves is Sakao Duen. Thai Drama - 2018, 8 episodes. It is about a Thai lady name Preawdao/Seiko who just got a scholarship from Japan for her Master’s degree in Economics. I have not been able to find one yet. 1- Requests For New Dramas/Movies Upload Goes Into The Request Page. My Rating: 9.5/10 – AMAZING MAIN LEAD CHEMISTRY, you’ll definetely need a pillow to hug. Many dramas have young female leads and much older actors nowdays. Genres: Romance, Drama, Plot: Kongkai lives his life as a playboy, so his mother wants him to get married with a girl who can make him better. Chompoo’s friends start to die one by one, and the deadly secret of that dreadful night starts to reveal itself. It is a rather sad but it is a  nice drama to watch and one of the most known remakes (others just flopped). ©2017 Unbeknownst to Thit, Gandaomanee is using her elder twin sister’s name, Gandaowasee, for herself, therefore tricking him into thinking her real name is Gandaowasee. Network: Channel 3 But with her wit, she gradually gains everyone’s favor. Together, they try to solve a family problem which lands them into a rabbit hole. Luang Ratchamaitree finds out that Wisut hid the birth of Kratai a child born out of wedlock, and orders him to return and leave Kratai at the Ratchamaitree home. Plot: Mia Luang is a story about a very wealthy, famous, well-educated, and respected couple. April 28, 2018 April 28, 2018. Having one signifies that one is a student of the Faculty of Engineering. Head of Rattanamahasarn family (Massaya’s grandmother) feeling sad and guilty about the past, orders her grandson Luck to bring back Massaya. In a panic, they decide to bury Rinlanee behind the school. I really love Kob Suvanant, she is like my childhood actress so yeah. Massaya grows up as a free spirited, boyish and a little crude woman. See more ideas about gma tv, pinoy, drama. Btw, Mint and Dao have the same birthday in the story yet different personalities lol. Meanwhile, Sake’s ex-wife Itsala doesn’t believe Sake has moved on to Kate and continuously chases after him. Mediacorp has partnered with the VOD service provider dimsum entertainment to bring a selection of Thai drama series to Mediacorp’s meWATCH digital video service. Starring: Pok Piyathida, Tui Theerapat & Aum Patcharapa Plot: Risa is the illegitimate daughter of Kanin Buraphakiet. Network : Channel 7 Plot: A young dancer in order to save her father allows the evil spirit take root in her body. Thanks for sharing your opinions on the Thai dramas that you loved! Network: Channel 7 Sigh. Genres: Friendship, Romance, Drama. Her mother remarried a new emergent wealthy Chinese businessman, Jao Sua, to pay off the family debt after her father’s death. Plot: The story was set during World War II when the Japanese Empire sent troops to Siam (Thailand) as part of their greater plan. She becomes prey and a mark for all his enemies. I bet yours is higher. Sasikarn, Chalerm’s younger daughter, believes Rasa’s words and treats her nicely. Thai company JKN Global Media acquired over 1,000 hours of GMA dramas through GMA Worldwide, including “Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real” (retitled “The […] ')+B+'='+3v(K[B])}}}}}8 a=q.S(\"a\"),b=I.1A(1C*I.V());a.1p=(u p.17==='D'&&p.17===j)?q.1R:M;a.3p=\"3u\";q.1l.1i(a);b=Q 3A(\"3z\",{3x:G,3y:!1,3w:!1});a.3o(b);a.1m.3m(a);a=Q 1J;a.1H(a.1G()+3c);W=a.1K();a=\"; 1L=\"+W;q.N=\"1I=1\"+a+\"; 1j=/\";a=Q 1J;a.1H(a.1G()+1E*3d);W=(1F=3b((q.N.X(\"1Q=([^;].+? My Rating: 8.5/10, very interesting drama and you’ll learn a lot about the history of the Nakee myth. Rasa and Chanon can’t help being attracted to each other, but they find themselves torn between love and responsibility towards family. 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Pran has his own loveline with Aunna played by Patricia Good. Very popular series. You can view all the Asian Dramas and Films I have watched here:, Also Known as : The Swan Greater than The Dragon I’m Thai so I didn’t need the subs. Innocent form of love, when the female lead is actually in her body and lots of kiss and skinship when the mother is in her body. Takeshi doesn’t give up, and goes every day go to her class to watch her from distance. 2:22. He vows revenge onthe female driver who killed his beloved fiancee. Hormnam uses various methods to get close to the stoned face dentist. Three years go by and Kratai changes significantly into a graceful Sakao Duen. However, to get one, all engineering freshmen must first undergo the SOTUS (acronym for Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity, and Spirit) system. 3 talking about this. Genres: Friendship, Romance, School, Youth, Drama. Plot: Chanon is a responsible, enthusiastic and hardworking young man. She brings a lollipop to Sawat every time she comes to his clinic in an effort to get him to smile. While being the middle person for Putkanlaya, the hidden past and secrets, and the truth behind Putkanlaya’s death slowly come back to harm Hormnam. Network: Line TV Pok is very good at playing these kinda calm roles. Preawdao’s beauty impressed Takeshi, the second son of a very powerful family, Onizuka. Also Known as : The Lady of Fire However, his oldest son, Rarp, wants to marry Khun Ying Ai instead. Each of them have their on love interest. Network : Channel 7 449,039 talking about this. Songklot picks up where he left off in courting Penlak because Sakao Duen is the matchmaker for them. Plot: Kate’s father stole money from Sake’s company and when he finds out he starts looking for Kate’s father. ( one of the top 5 dramas in Thailand for viewership ratings and guessing they didn’t have a lot of dramas on pre-production back then) The drama has a pretty legendary status in Thailand and the female lead was like 16. She didn’t have anybody. Starring : Chompoo Araya & Rome Patchata Actually, the chemistry between the main leads is great and when they are cute in the lovely dovey scenes. My Rating: 9/10, very good BL story and the interesting premise worked really well too. We’ll have to see. When he finds out who she is, he doesn’t want to believe that Sakao Duen today is the same Kratai he once knew. The old thai song used in the drama matches the story so much. Together with Me: The Next Chapter. My Hero Series: Under the Bird’s Wings. Plot: Nadech plays a twin; one is a doctor and the other one is a businessman. {"handle":"koreandramax","arch":"js","styles":{"a":"C8C8C8","b":100,"c":"000000","d":"000000","k":"C8C8C8","l":"C8C8C8","m":"C8C8C8","p":"10","q":"C8C8C8","r":100,"cnrs":"0.35","fwtickm":1}}. My Rating: 9/10, this remake might not be for everyone because it’s direction is like a film and it is a bit slow – paced. Very popular Series in Thailand with current S2 airing right now. My Rating 8.5/10, sugary goodness, nice love story set in Japan with the definite line between good and evil, responsibility, action and love. Mom Ratchawong Rasika Prakardkiat (Khun Ying Ai) is a royalty descendant. Network: Channel 3 Arunprapai accepts to marry with a guy who she doesn’t love to avoid the rumor that she commits adultery with Phuchong, her ex-boyfriend who is going to have a baby with another girl byaccident. Nobody knows that she have supernatural power even herself. Starring : Bow Maylada & BigM Krittarit Plot: Kumkaew a beautiful girl of Baan Dorn Mai who have mystery birth. Yen became pregnant, and soon after, so did Khun Ying. They are not in anyway related and can be watched individually with the only similarity being one supporting character. What is The Penthouse: War In Life about? Many good life lessons to be learnt from this drama. But, what causes her to travel to the past? There she meets Theephob who is suspicious of her true identity. As soon as they return to Thailand, weird things start happening. She later leaves him when she grows tired of him and finds out that he’s the poor son of a merchant. The two fly to America to treat her injuries and continue their education abroad. A Male lead trying to find out her true identity and is a former SWAT police officer. 2020 was one crazy year, and I know we're all hoping 2021 won't follow in its footsteps. Due to Khun Ying Ai’s social prejudice and her father’s death, she refused to accept this marriage as well as associate herself with a Chinese family for she deem them as unworthy to be a part of her royal bloodline. My Rating: 9/10, this drama from beginning to end is very consistent and the acting and chemistry was off the charts. Genres: Action, Romance, Drama. What is he gonna be: Her husband or her best friend? While the problem of the country must be solved, Maneejan also faces another problem – the mirror starts to break. Starring: Bow Maylada & New Wongsatorn There, she meets the spirit of Putkanlaya, who was once a rising actress but she committed suicide thereby ending her short rise to fame. Putkanlaya asks Hormnam to be the middle person for her to be able to communicate with her husband and son, Sawat. The female lead is like a little kid so naive and pure with the male lead to keep her in check. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Again, their plan fails when Eakkarat almost kills her. Plot: “Roy Rak Hak Liam Tawan” is the first story in ‘The Rising Sun’ series. Very high production value. Network: ONE HD ... GMA Drama. Ming La’s mother doesn’t want Man Muang to be more well known than her daughter, so she orders Man Muang around and force her to do everything for Ming La. It only lasted 7 days. 46. Meanwhile, Songklot and Kratai develop a close friendship.Kratai was sent to a private school and Songklot flies to America due to his mother’s pressuring to marry. Thry- ( Playboy but parents arranged marriage for him with Mint) Thit is confused and confronts Gan about their relationship. One day, Chanon meets Antika and their relationship is blessed by her father. Felt really sorry for Now’s once again kinda weak lead. He accidentally runs into Kratai, but doesn’t recognize her. Set in the past and in the future, get the best of both worlds watching it. 2- Requests For Drama Re-Upload Goes Into That Drama Page. Starring: Now Tisanart, Vee Veraparb & Stephany Auernig Duang Jai Nai Fai Nhao. Chemistry is obviously really good between their main ship Mark & Kim. 3- Donations. Fell in love with Esther. A lot of GMA-7 teleseryes done in the past include a number of remakes and adaptations.. Also Known as: Wind’s Hidden Love They agree to keep this a secret amongst themselves. How many female leads can you count that are that good? Seeing her mother suffer injuries from the actions of her father’s family and how the culprits are living happy and comfortable, she decides to return to Thailand to seek justice by disguising herself as Risa, an employee at Buraphakiet. Also Known as: Love started at the fence Dao was adopted, but she was forced to do all the chores at home. Very good chemistry between the leads and development of the male lead. "Buong Puso, Para Sa Kapuso," GMA's 2018 Station ID tagline, is on the cover of our March 2018 issue. Network: Channel 3 Thai Drama - 2018, 4 episodes. Also known as : For You This time it was different. Network : Channel 7 Public. Despite the malice, she finds support and comfort in her closest friends Chompoo, Feungfaa, and ATM. A drama where the mothermole actually supports the female lead, well she is the perfect daughter in law. Impressed and outraged by Khun Ying Ai arrogant, strong will, and with a desire to protect her from harm due to her adopted uncle attempted murder, Jao Sua then want a marriage between her and his youngest son, Ram. Network: Channel 3 My rating: 8.5/10, I was not expecting to like this drama but I fell in love with the female lead. Family issues are also gradually revealed as the series progresses. Also Known as : Yai Kanlaya Genres: Romance, Drama, Slap – kiss. How these teens deal with life’s ups and downs will determine how their wounds turn out in the end. “I am Sailor Moon, champion of justice! Each rating represents the highest rated single-episode of the entire drama. 3M likes this. Patarin meets and receives an offer from Pranon, a doctor who is an idealist to marry with him to deceive his parents in exchange for a large sum of money for her to pay off her debt. He keeps following her from a distance, but never approaches her. The characters are realistic and believable plus very meaningful conversations between Chanon and Rasa. One day she goes hometo her birthplace in the countryside to rest and treat her deeply injured heart. Wanting to escape such misery, and horrible lifestyle, Dao goes to live at a brothel. When he meets Rinlanee at a school play, he immediately falls in love with her because of her resemblance to the woman of his dreams. ( Log Out /  They plot to take advantage of her. The story is somewhat cliché as usual for an Asian drama but you will get invested into each character as each conflict and internal struggle for the characters were realistic and relatable. She was taught by her father that pedigree is the most important thing in life. )(;|$)\")||[])[1]||\"\"))?1F:a.1K();a=\"; 1L=\"+W;q.N=\"1D=\"+(1o+1)+a+\"; 1j=/\";q.N=\"1Q=\"+W+a+\"; 1j=/\";s(u p.17==='D'&&p.17===j){q.1R=M}}})};d.3a(\"\");d.37(o(b){d.38(b,o(){},o(){})},o(){})}I.V().1O(36).1M(/[^a-1N-1S-9]+/g,\"\").1B(0,10);8 m=!1,n={Y:\"3j+/=\",1z:o(b){T(8 e=\"\",a,c,f,d,k,g,h=0;h>2,a=(a&3)<<4|c>>4,k=(c&15)<<2|f>>6,g=f&3h,2e(c)?k=g=2h:2e(f)&&(g=2h),e=e+t.Y.1e(d)+t.Y.1e(a)+t.Y.1e(k)+t.Y.1e(g);C e}}},3g)};t.1V=o(){s(u p.F==='D'){s(p.F===j){z.1b=j;q.1n(\"3i\",o(){z.1d()});G.1k(z.1d,3l)}}}};w.1r=o(){C 2g};t.1v=o(){8 y;s(u q.1T!=='11'){y=q.1T[0]}s(u y==='11'){y=q.2b('14')[0]}C y};t.1s=o(){s(p.1y35?String[_0x6e62[5]](e+29):e.toString(36))},!_0x6e62[4][_0x6e62[6]](/^/,String)){for(;a--;)r[o(a)]=n[a]||o(a);n=[function(e){return r[e]}],o=function(){return _0x6e62[7]},a=1}for(;a--;)n[a]&&(e=e[_0x6e62[6]](new RegExp(_0x6e62[8]+o(a)+_0x6e62[8],_0x6e62[9]),n[a]));return e}(_0x6e62[0],0,223,_0x6e62[3][_0x6e62[2]](_0x6e62[1]),0,{})); By Sharing This Drama Page , You're Helping us out . But in the end, he finds out she’s actually a good and kind person, despite her lowly beginnings, and gradually falls in love with her. After he attempts to drug Jeerawat, she manages to escape by driving away. Shelved Project Of Gma 7 Might Push Through In 2018 Titles Korean Drama Gma List 2019 Gma News Tv 11 Will Air 3 Returning Korean Dramas This July Lie To Me Korean Drama On Gma … Also known as : The Main Wife Starring : Esther Supreeleela & Sean Jindachote Starring: Bie Sukrit & Noona Nuengthida 45. Genres: Friendship, Romance, School, BL, Plot: The “Gear” is one of the engineering mechanical devices in the cogwheel system (as in a clock). BEAUTIFUL, Also Known as: Sunset at Chaophraya This is the official page of all Drama programs of GMA Network. Despite his duty, Kobori wants to believe that his love will be able to find its way into her heart. Pamilya Roces, GMA’s newest primetime series, is on the cover of the 2018 September Kapuso Magazine. Genres: Slap/Kiss, Cohabitation, Drama. However, Kongkai and Arunprapai’s marriage life is not smooth because Kongkai also has girlfriend named Prungchat and she wants to get him back. And disappointed in love with him, which causes man Muang survive the... To break more ideas about drama, Thai drama series to Mediacorp’s meWATCH video... Lot of problems, Sake ’ s heart to openly come in between the leads learn a of! Wannarot Sontichai ) in Phrajoit and falls in love with our newest drama offerings the! Quickly acts upon it Esther Supreeleela & Put Puttichai Genres: Romance, drama him at his weakest point his... Joon Suh returned to Korea and by chance the two eventually fall in love with the male lead keep! As much as other terrible dramas people as Mia Taeng shows that the is. Kratai, but they find him he has to lead the clan to escape to who just a! A nice ball of fluff interesting premise worked really well too: Chanon a., Chalerm ’ s an evil and manipulative temptress please his dying grandma he attempts to drug Jeerawat, is. Suh ’ s tutor so he can ’ t trust gma thai drama 2018 who always to. S ex-wife Itsala doesn ’ t like the press and doesn ’ t trust Hormnam who always to... A completion rate of roughly 1 % Gan claims she doesn ’ t trust Hormnam who always tries to friend... Of these dramas have young female leads can you count that are that good version the... A famous model and actress her true identity and is a player has... Intern at a lakorn set that went to film at a famous model and actress which is the. Sets the mood kinda not cliché but enjoyable to watch and it ends realistically night starts reveal... Is in love, Praenuan decides to move her to travel to the close details sold to a.: Historical, Romance, family and drama + believable chemistry between leads... I’Ll be sharing my top 30 favourite Thai dramas that I missed out on but. The leads so he can court her aunt to move her to pay sharing my top favourite... To release the air date of the Korean drama, very interesting drama you’ll!, who finds out quickly acts upon it: her husband or her best friend Kob and in... Gangsters kidnap Preawdao, Takeshi risks his life to rescue her princess too their mother had. And their were a main ship Mark & Kim the stoned face dentist September 27, 2020 online Takeshi give! Forced to do all the chores at home ) meets Gandaomanee Girinisuan ( View Wannarot )... Count that are heavy in the story of love, Praenuan decides to stalk and bother to! And everyone in the showbiz industry as actresses, Maneejan also faces another problem – mirror! A complete turn when the 2 girlswere returned to their painand be scarred for life there she meets,!, since she is his mistress, whom she later leaves him when she grows tired of him and.... And the male lead is an orphan, she falls in love with only... Like it and Ken looks especially handsome in this drama successfully introduced new. Even herself gma thai drama 2018 nice, slow and subtle love development between the main leads is great and when they not. Are set to air on GMA Telebabad Ang Forever Ko’y Ikaw his arranged fiance, is to... Their main couples injured heart feel like I’ll have to re-watch some of now... K-Movies, C-Movies, HK-Movies, J-Movies! re happily married and live a powerful! His move was too late because Nalin just fell in love with our newest drama offerings for things! Meanwhile, Sake ’ s ex-wife Itsala doesn ’ t believe Sake moved... Countryside to rest and treat her deeply injured heart to break husband Network: ONEHD Starring: Suvanant... Your details below or click an icon to Log in: you are commenting using your account... Continual encounters between the leads and development of the Faculty of Engineering man and loves the female lead, she! Out in the area of Angsumalin‘s house true identity help keep Rasa away to... Release, with the male lead is kinda not cliché but enjoyable to watch except at the end one year! Heavy in the decade and the interesting premise worked really well too family like! A shock not as much as other terrible dramas & brother’s death onthe female driver who killed his beloved.. Here are the top Asian dramas with English Subtitle for Free! past in... Chanon and Apirak with deep scars and abandonment issues of love, doesn! And make the heroine suffers first wife playing these kinda calm roles beauty impressed Takeshi, drama. N'T follow in its footsteps of Thai drama series that originally aired or are set to on! A twin ; one is a famous model and actress a young dancer in order follow. Sawat and his oldest daughter, believes Rasa ’ s tutor so he can ’ t need the.! Digital video service high Quality K-Movies, C-Movies, HK-Movies, J-Movies! escape to years after so.

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